Monday, June 25, 2012

established character day

Practice pics of Patrick Star for established character day at College for Kids. I did this so that I can get comfortable with the character so that I know what I am doing for the demonstration at the beginning of the class.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

peanuts me

Here is a peanuts version of myself, what is currently my picture of my profile on facebook.

simsonise me

Here is a Simpsons version of myself.

dragon logo

Here is the updated logo for my resume, website, and business card minus the top and bottom rockers


Here is an image of an imp that I created just for fun earlier this semester.

more color guides

Byte, the robot centry

the parents, Steve and Gillian
Here are more color guides for the characters. For these color guides, I went with a more bright palate, so that the backgrounds can be more subtle and neutral ala Ralph Baski and Batman the Animated Series.

character color guides

Big Tony and Little Mario, the antagonists
Ash, the protagonist:
Here are some color guides of the characters in my piece